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The World's Aesthetic: Latin America

For the most part, we were all exposed to graphic design from the West especially in America, some of you might have even been exposed to a lot of design styles from the United Kingdom as well. I will dissect, showcase and explain graphic design from around the world, from the most intriguing societies: Latin America, Japan, India and the Netherlands. Graphic Design from these regions is a bit diverse. However, they are still exceptionally engaging when it comes to their aesthetic.

Latin America is populated with over 500 million individuals, comprising of 20 Spanish-speaking nations. Latin America has delivered the most abnormal and lively frame of realistic expression history has seen. Their craftsmanship and aesthetic are lively and well in the lanes of Argentina, Ecuador, and Brazil. The shells of their buildings are covered with street art. Her craftsmanship revolves around her environment and culture. It is asserted, given its history of exploitative colonization from other nations. Latin America is one huge entity and extends more than 7,412,000 sq miles. However, we see a common subject for all Latin American designs: We the Latinos; cherish for life, movement, and commemoration.


Jorge Alderete

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Most Latin American design pieces, such as their posters, have an obvious pop art aesthetic as well as an art deco style that comes from the influence of its culture. It utilizes differentiating colors, eccentric typographic styles, and forms that give off an energetic feel. The Latino’s piousness is apparent with the utilization of devout topics and Roman Catholic symbols. Propaganda, patriotism, and revolt are moreover common topics in the Latin American design culture.


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