Michael Barraza


A Rare Breed: Graphic Designer Going To Business School

Out of dissatisfaction, I defined a theory: On the off chance that I  was taught in Business and the skills that come with it, specifically marketing, I could move myself and my design team from a service to an exceedingly key and useful resource, driving bigger organizational direction.

Before you know it, I found a workable arrangement: an MBA program where I would learn noteworthy abilities of trade systems and best hones of administration and the tactic of business thinking. So, in a span of a few months after obtaining my Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media, I would become a multimedia designer by day and an MBA student by night.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”
— Albert Einstein

Though I studied numerous topics that would open my mind (financial matters, budgetary bookkeeping, trade law, supply-chain administration, corporate morals, marketing) as they relate to design, three specific topics were profoundly impactful: marketing mindsets, competitive strategy, and organizational management. These topics were most impactful because, to be honest, I had never studied or dissected them at depth professionally. However, the more knowledge I gained from them, the greater the impact these courses had on my professional development and approach to not only design but anything creative in general.